Valve Position Indication

Description The CPI 400 Closed Position Indicator visually and electrically indicates when the valve is either open or closed. It is suitable for making and/or beaking a circuit when the valve position changes. The CPI 400 mounts directly to DUNGS automatic shutoff valves. This part is recommended for industrial and commercial heating applications that require visual and/or electrical indication of valve position on automatic shutoff valves. The CPI 400 is suitable for natural gas, propane, butane, air and inert gases. Suitable for up to 0.1% H2S when used with nicel plated brass adapter.

The DUNGS Visual Indicator visually indicates when the valve is either open or closed.

CPI 400
Installation Guide
Visual Indicator
Installation Guide

Vent Line Adapter

Description Provides a vent line connection between two automatic shutoff valves. The Vent Line Adapter is a field installable accessory for DMV 525; 704 and ISO Flanged DMV's.

  • 1" Female Connection

  • High Capacity Ventline Adapter
    Installation Guide

    CM 100 & CM 101 Relay Module

    Description The CM100/101 control module contains the relay logic necessary to operate the DUNGS VPS 504 or VDK 200A valve proving systems on a system start-up and during a system shutdown. On startup the valve proving system will interrupt the startup sequence if it detects an open shutoff valve, thus preventing ignition under potentially dangerous conditions. On shutdown, an open valve detection causes a manual lock-out requiring reset, and an alarm contact will energize; an optional blower terminal can also be energized.

    CM 100: Contains enclosure and relay board
    NEMA Type 1 Enclosure (IEC 529, IP 30)

    CM101: Relay board only for panel mounting
    No Enclosure

  • Electrical Rating: 110-120 Vac / 60 Hz
    When operated at 50Hz, the CM will run a hotter. Therefore, the contact ratings are reduced. In addition, the internal timers will be slower by a factor of 1.2.
  • Ambient Temperature: +5 F to 140 F
  • Power Consumption: 1 Amp
  • Approvals:
    UL Recognized Component: File MH 17004
    FM Approved: File J.I. 3004006

    CM 100 & CM 101
    Installation Guide

    Push Button Valve

    Description The push button valve (PBV) replaces a manual ball valve when mounting pressure guages to the gas piping. When manually actuated by pushing a spring return button, the pressure on the gauge can be read. Once released, the PBV automatically closes, and the pressure on the gauge is automatically removed. The PBV increases the life of the pressure gauge and protects the gauge from presssure surges.

  • Body size: 1/4" NPT - Part Number: 242-645
  • Body Size: Rp 1/2" - Part Number: 033-621
    requires metal seal p/n 241 961 (10 pcs).
  • Gases:
    Natural Gas
    Noncorrosive gases
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 70 PSI (5 Bar)
  • Temperature:
    Ambient: -5F to +145F; (-20C to +60C)
    Fluid: -32F to +155F; (-0C to +70C)
  • Approvals:
    NPT threaded: DVGW VP 308 "Gas Shutoff Valves for Pressure Gauges"
    Rp threaded: CE 0085 AQ 0985 to EU directive EU/90/396/EWG

  • Push Valve Button
    Installation Guide

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