The ExtensoJet is a nozzle-mix burner that is designed to fire an intense stream of hot gases through a silicon tipped extended combustor using ambient combustion air.

The ExtensoJet was designed to extend through the kiln wall to significantly increase hot gas penetration and circulation of the products of combustion.

The high velocity of the gases improves temperature uniformity, product quality and system efficiency. The gas velocity can be as high as 500/ft/s. The combustor comes in varying lengths from 20 inches to 56 inches.

The burner features:
  • On-Ratio control
  • Direct Spark Ignition
  • Flame Rod Supervision
  • Multiple Fuel Capability

  • ExtensoJet Information Guide
    Click Here (Aug. 91)
    ExtensoJet Installation Guide
    Click Here (Apr. 06)
    ExtensoJet Design Guide
    Click Here (Nov. 05)
    ExtensoJet Data Sheets
    EJ025 (Aug. 06)
    EJ050 (Aug. 06)
    EJ075 (Aug. 06)

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