Junior Industrial Burner (JIB)

Eclipse Junior Industrial Burners (JIB) are packaged burners that are easy to install, simple to operate, and offer long service life in industrial environments. They are fully piped, wired, tested, and adjusted before shipment. To install the burner, simply mount it on the oven or furnace and connect gas and electricity. To operate the burner, just turn the burner switch on or off as required.

JIB burners feature protection against overheating when the blower is off. Should hot gasses flow back into the burner, a thermal switch will start the blower automatically, cooling the burner and preventing damage.

JIB Burners are ideal for use in ovens, furnaces, kilns, or incinerators requiring simple burner operation and easy maintenance.

The Elipse JIB burners are no longer maufactured.

JIB Bulletin
Click Here (Oct. 93)
JIB Information Guide
Click Here (Oct. 93)

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